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Belfast in a Blender
philip arneill
Nov 29, 2015
It's the last dayof  @echosight takeover with a friend @nickybelton on Instagram this week. Blending images is a painstaking, frustartinga nd rewarding process all at the same time.

I love the city of my birth, but have a complicated relationship with it; I am fiercely proud of being from there, but having not lived there for 23 years, feel like a stranger when I visit. Nor is it even the same city of 'The Troubles' in which I grew up, but yet I cannot help but feel strangely drawn back to it every time I return, however difficult I know living in it would now undoubtedly be.

Conversely, Nicky had never been there, but fell in love with it when she spent four months living and working there two years ago, and has developed a special relationship with the city since then, visiting regularly.

In different ways we are both exiles when we are there, and have decided to blend together our images of the same Belfast seen through different eyes for this takeover. The full set of my blends can be seen here.


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