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Tokyo Jazz Joints
Private Draft
philip arneill
Apr 27, 2021
Location: tokyo

Japanese jazz cafes and bars are often hidden, insular worlds where time ceases to exist, spaces removed from the speed and chaos of the modern urban landscape. Tokyo Jazz Joints is a visual chronicle of this world; an attempt to capture and preserve, if only fleetingly, the transient beauty of these spaces. The challenge of documenting such a huge amount of venues scattered all around this vast metropolis is matched only by the challenge of trying to capture the individual atmosphere of each place, photographing at times in almost near darkness, or in genuinely tiny spaces.

Tokyo Jazz Joints is a collaboration with writer & DJ, Tokyo Jazz Site's James Catchpole. 

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Photography portfolio site of Belfast-born, long-term Tokyo-based documentary photographer, Philip Arneill, now living in Dublin, Ireland.
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